Good As Gold

The current perception is that Manhattan real estate is as good as gold. Manhattan’s property market continues to serve as a long-term equity play for asset preservation. Domestic and foreign investors alike are turning to the relative safety that Manhattan’s real estate market offers
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Real Estate’s Most Wanted [TRD]

“Today’s purchasers are fanatical about getting a good deal. In response, many sellers have finally cut their prices to levels appropriate for the market. But in their haste to get the steepest possible discount, buyers sometimes push these sellers over the edge by making additi
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Making It Exclusive: Signing With an Agent

The stakes are high when it comes to the sale of what is likely an owner’s most valuable asset. It is very important for an owner to understand the role of an agent and how the relationship works. In Manhattan, when an owner decides to sell and agrees to work with a specific agent, th
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